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Arlene Schloss

Types With Plenty of Character

“Printing for Kingdom, Empire & Republic: Treasures From the Archives of the Imprimerie Nationale” runs through Feb. 4 at the Grolier Club, 47 East 60th Street, Manhattan; (212) 838-6690,

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J Edgar

Stereo Stack

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Ben Jones

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Kyle Chayka ARTINFO

Has Relational Aesthetics Migrated Online? How the Internet's New Social Spaces Empower Creative Audiences

Payton Cosell Turner

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Aspen Magazine

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Jordan Gray


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The Art of Immersion

Frank Rose...people want to be immersed. They want to get involved in a story, to carve out a role for themselves, to make it their own. But how is the author supposed to accommodate them? What if the audience runs away with the story? And how do we handle the blur—not just between fiction and fact, but between author and audience, entertainment and advertising, story and game? - Frank Rose

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Clothing Prices Expected To Rise 10%
Retail clothing prices, which have dropped over the past decade, may soon spike by 10 percent percent as the cost of cotton reaches record highs. What do you think?
Esther Stroughter
Junction Maker
"You don't scare me, clothing. You need me. You depend on me. Without me, you don't make any sense."
Dwayne Echlin
Numerical Control Machine Operator
"Wow. I've been looking for a reason to justify my increased promiscuity, and while this information doesn't do that, it does justify my laundry theft."Horatio Segal
Systems Analyst
"I would blame this on Big Cotton, but that's my cat's name, and I know Scrabbles didn't do it, either." - The Onion

Matt Brooke

Peter Bowen

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Darren Booth

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Onesidezero / Brett Wilkinson

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Les Mason

Les Mason: Epicurean Magazine 1966 – 1979