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Toru Fukuda

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Image: Carlos Osorio / AP Photo
Sweden, home of lingenberries, Muppet chefs, and tasteful design, is in an uproar over the latest business move by their national hero brand, Ikea, which had the nerve to change its font. To Verdana (from Futura). We know, travesty! A Swede named Mattias Akerberg told Time magazine that he was troubled to the point of agitation over seeing the new logo: “I thought that something had gone terribly wrong, but when I Twittered about it, people at their ad agency told me that this was actually the new Ikea font.” Another Ikea fan, Tokyo’s Oliver Reichenstein, tweeted, “Ikea, stop the Verdana madness!” And these are just two of thousands that have blogged, tweeted, and written strong letters about Ikea’s new typeface, decrying it as tacky and garish. Ikea, change it back! Keep your fanbase! Basic point: Don’t mess with fonts in Sweden. Just don’t.-Daily Beast

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