Monday, October 27, 2008

A. J. Weberman

James Lee Byars

Is is?

Richard Armstrong

David Heald / Guggenheim Museum. APPOINTMENT: Richard Armstrong will assume the position of director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. Armstrong, 59, has a long track record as a curator, including 11 years at New York's Whitney Museum of American Art and 16 at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, where he has been director since 1996 and added to his bona fides by overseeing the museum's signature, triennial Carnegie International shows. Armstrong, whose appointment was announced Tuesday and who will start his new job Nov. 4, said Wednesday that he hoped to make the Guggenheim "a rich, intellectually engaging place" where "the staff is empowered to realize their most ambitious and interesting dreams" and where the art collection keeps growing. Mike Boehm LA Times

Don Draper

“I sell products, not advertising,” -- Don Draper

Mark Your Man

A lipstick Ad by Peggy Olson at Stirling Cooper


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Michael Govan

“Art doesn’t lose its emotional or artistic value,” Mr. Govan said. “That doesn’t change no matter what the economy.”

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jim Dine -- Car Crash 1960

Spectators entered an Environment completely covered in white - white paint, white cloth, white paper - and took seats in a U-shaped row of chairs that they found around them. Looking up, they saw what appeared to be an 8 foot tall girl clothed in white (it was actually a regular girl sitting on a ladder, hidden under her white garments). They watched as a series of happenings occurred involving a man in silver with a hat of "headlights" that were pointed to and for over the audience, and two other performers, a woman, dressed as a man in a white suit and a man, dressed as a woman in a white evening dress. The man and woman carried flashlights under their arms and whenever they lit upon the man in silver he grunted as if in pain, and moved, as if seeking to hide from them. Throughout the performance, various sounds of car motors, honking and screeching tires could be heard, accompanied at times by the girl on the white ladder reciting a series of words regarding cars, with a random yet somewhat, sexual content.