Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Construction Co. Logos

I found these guidelines on a site called LogoDesignGuru:

"Icons used in Construction Logo Design

A few of the more down-to-earth construction companies have a tendency to add a tinge of simplicity to their logos. Simple icons of cottages or houses with a chimney emitting smoke are considered as good constructional logo designs. It is more likely to find construction companies associating their company logo designs with pictures of smashed and dilapidated buildings, under construction roads, bridges, canals and dams.

Use of Colors

The most common colors Construction companies use in their logo designs are blue, yellow, blood red, and light orange. Each of these colors tends to depict a professional and more skilled in their own unique sort of way. Red signifies danger, and construction professionals apply this color in their logo. Care must be taken not integrate too many colors in a construction logo, as they will destroy the idea and goal, the company is trying to share with its clients.

When clients and customers take a glimpse of the logos, the red color will at once warn them of the potential hazards connected with weak building structures and the undeveloped road structures. Due to the enchanting and motivational colors in the construction company logos, people will feel safe in seeking the professional help and advice of such construction professionals about issues relating to development and proper road construction in their area."

[andy schulz]